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mythtv, revisited

I am the developer of the mythtv channel that my son and I built earlier this year. I works (mostly), a bit rough around the edges, but you can use it to watch mytv recording with it.

My son and I talked about it and we never got around to distributing it because it is a complicated beast. I logged in tonight and saw that I had several messages inquiring about the channel, plus a few offers to help develop it.

The main reason why we never released it is a complex mix of stuff. To install this, you need to do the following on your myth box.

1. Setup a apache server. Probably already running if you have mythweb.
2. Install several cgi scripts in cgi-bin
3. Know your mythtv mysql password.
4. Create a table in mythconverg
5. Install several perl cpan modules
6. Get h264 transcoding to work. That darn near killed me, and I am not sure that have the optimal transcoding options set.

What works.

1. Plays h264 videos recorded by mythtv, transcoded using my scripts. You woulld need to edit the scripts for your directories, etc. Has a cool mythtv logo also.

What needs to be worked on

1. Resume video from last position. I have all the hooks in, just have not tested it yet.
2. Deleting videos
3. Upcoming schedule. i think I have most of the hooks into mysql to extract the schedule from mysql and present it as an xml document to the roku box. What I don't have time to do is print up the schedule on Roku and perform the selection logic. Once the selection is made, it is fairly easy to put an entry in mysql to record it. Lots of work needed here, primarily in brightscript.
4. I never got biftool to work. Have not looked at it in months though.
5. Make it easier to install

Sounds like fun, eh.

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Re: mythtv, revisited


Thanks for finally getting back to this. Since your last post, another developer has put something up on the official MythTV wiki I'm not sure it has all the features yours has since I haven't seen your code. It does not have deleting capability, but it's easy enough to setup a cronjob to check the h264 videos vs. the ones recorded by myth.

Anyway, it would be great if you could put something similar up on the official wiki for other people searching for MythTV frontends. More choice is always better and could yield improvements to your code.

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Re: mythtv, revisited

Theres also something called mythpodcaster, which creates podcasts of your shows
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