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Level 9

<user-device-name/> entry from device-info

The External Control Guide provides a simple way to get the info from a Roku device (See The <user-device-name/> always seems to be empty however, even after changing the device's display name (See and doing System > System update.

Am I missing something? Or is the field <user-device-name/> a placeholder meant to be used with future firmware versions only?

// A quick test
curl ''

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<model-name>Roku 4</model-name>
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Level 9

Re: <user-device-name/> entry from device-info

Mine has the <user-device-name>. It's the same as the <friendlyName> if you go to:

I too had changed my device's name using the web portal, so I don't know what triggers user-device-name
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Level 11

Re: <user-device-name/> entry from device-info

@tifroz -
did you restart the player (or at least forced check for update) after re-naming it in the web portal?
i wouldn't expect rename to work via quantum entanglement Smiley Tongue
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Level 9

Re: <user-device-name/> entry from device-info

It's working now after leaving the device untouched overnight. I had forced a system update immediately after setting the device name - but I imagine there may be a lag in picking up these changes?

Thanks for the help!
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