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isRemoteKeyPressed() only working with few buttons

I am using the roGridScreenEvent, isRemoteKeyPressed(). It is only returning true when I press either Instant Replay, Info, Play, "A" or "B". According to the documentation, any key press should return true. ... creenEvent ... ntrolEvent

I want to know when my arrow keys are being pressed.

Why is this only catching those few button presses?

How can I catch the directional button presses?

Thank you for your help. Smiley Happy
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: isRemoteKeyPressed() only working with few buttons

You only get isRemoteKeyPressed() for buttons not handled by the firmware. You might be able to indirectly detect the arrow keys with isListItemFocused().
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Re: isRemoteKeyPressed() only working with few buttons

I am trying to use this event to trigger a sound effect. I want the trigger to be when the button is pressed. Waiting for the focus to fall on the next item will be too delayed.

Can I check for when the focus is removed from the current item?

Is the focus only removed from the current item after it falls on the next?

What event should I use to trigger my sound effect?

Thank you very much for your help.
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