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inactive accounts-receivers wont reboot

I have submitted to this forum before titled "Farm and Ranch TV", but nobody has responded.
I am trying to watch Farm and Ranch TV on ROKU.
Originally this network was a subscription based Network channel on ROKU.

It has been a FREE Channel since the 1st of the Year, but my ROKU Receiver keeps telling me to "purchase" the channel.
Other People are telling Me the same thing too.

Any suggestions on how to watch Farm and Ranch TV now that it is a Free channel on ROKU??


Kenny Emigh
Cleburne, TX.
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Binge Watcher

Re: inactive accounts-receivers wont reboot

You could try a factory default of the roku device and then try to install the channel.  If that fails you can try the factory default again, unlink the roku from your roku user account, create a new user account, link the box to the new roku account, and try reinstalling the channel.  If both of those fail then you should either contact the channel publisher to fix it for you on their server, or buy another roku unit with a different serial number.
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