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how to add VOD content on Categories application

I have a Categories application that currently has a list of Live Streams for video, but I also have video on demand (VOD) content that some live streams have, and would like to have them be listed with the live stream in a category.

But everytime I put them on the same category application the video on demand videos do not play. How do you set it up?

Sample Categoriesapp Live Stream XML:

<categories><!-- banner_ad: optional element which displays an at the top level category screen -->
<banner_ad sd_img="" hd_img="" />

<category title="Live Broadcast" description="" sd_img="" hd_img="">
<categoryLeaf title="Clark Ortiz" description="" feed=""></categoryLeaf>
<categoryLeaf title="Church of All Nations Live" description="" feed=""></categoryLeaf>

Sample Channel Live Stream XML


<item sdImg="" hdImg="">

<title>Clark Ortiz</title><contentId>10001</contentId>


But I would like to change the streamFormat from h264 to mp4 video on demand, but when I do that and add it to the categories with all the live streams, the videos do not work, but when I put them by themselves in their own application they work perfectly. Can someone explain this?

Also same/similar problem with Live AUDIO Streams, when i change the streamFormat to mp3 it doesn't work.
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