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Level 9

help with an xml file (prob. a dumb mistake)

when the example player tries to load this leaf xml it just hangs "retrieving"..

I have other leafs working perfectly. So I know it's just an xml issue (at least logically should be). I'm probably doing something or missing something simple that just needs a second pair of eyes on it. Been working on this since noon today (4am now) I'm at my wits end Smiley Sad..

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<item sdimg="" hdimg="">
<title>Bat Masterson - The Fighter</title>
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Level 10

Re: help with an xml file (prob. a dumb mistake)


The xml validator here says those tags don't match.
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Level 9

Re: help with an xml file (prob. a dumb mistake)

That was it, thanks so much, needed another set of eyes to look at it!! Like I said stupid mistake I kept missing!
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