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developer agreement

I submitted a Roku App that contains Spanish content to the AppStore.So,on behalf of Roku i received an email specifying these guide lines

Also note that our developer agreement requires channels with international (non-US, including English language) or foreign language content (non-English language, even if created in the continental US) receive written permission prior to distributing the channel or content on Roku. This is related to our partnership with DISHWorld/Sling as our exclusive provider for such content within North America. After a review of your content, it appears that your channel falls under this exclusivity. As a result, we're unable to publish your channel in the US or Canada Channel Stores at this time.

For any languages DISHWorld/Sling already carries, you’ll need a waiver for their exclusivity on Roku. If you’d like to seek a waiver, please fill out the channel information form: ... _form_link

Can anybody tell me the complete procedure.And the most important thing do we need to create a seperate document for developer agreement or we only need to fill the above channnel information form url given by ROKU.
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Re: developer agreement

Fill and submit the form and await response from the Co.; if you don't hear from them within a week - inquire by email.

My understanding is after you fill the form, then RokuCo will move the process, contacting the Dish behind the scenes - and getting response from Dish may take a few weeks (or months). I think D****World have some kind of "right of first refusal" in their contract with RokuCo, so D/W will be asked if they'd carry the specific content and if they don't, you are cleared to.
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