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Level 8

caching .ts files

is there any way of deleting these? i am having strange behavior with the m3u8 playlist.

i actually delete the playlist and the files but Roku has cached them and even though the playlist will say something totally different it will still try and play the old files so for example


Then i delete those from the server and the new set will look like this:

and the m3u8 will say roku-2-3.ts but then the roku will be playing roku-1-3.ts

i hope i explained it without adding all the playlist code. is there a way to delete those files once they are not needed from the roku?
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Level 9

Re: caching .ts files

Neither the Roku box nor the HLS spec does not allow changing the playlist randomly. A "Live" playlist can change by removing the first segment from the list and adding a new last segment.

The Roku box polls for a new playlist at least once per target duration. This is when you could make the change in the playlist.

The box will cache all the segments it downloads until it plays them (and even after it plays them to support instant-replay). There is no way to turn this behavior off.

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Level 10

Re: caching .ts files

What does it do when the cache is full?
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Level 9

Re: caching .ts files

removes the first in.

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Level 7

System update needed to include no

They need to create an option for deleting cache from the system menu

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