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asterisk key while video playback


I wanted to use * (asterisk key) for a different purpose while video playback. i Don't want the caption setting pop-up needed to show up, instead, i want to add some other feature to this.
I heard "from firmware 8.0 you can't get notification that option button was pressed during video playback. 
Firmware handle this button by them self and show dialog with video options."  

Is there anyway to rewrite this button as some other functions ?

Thank you
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Re: asterisk key while video playback

Anybody for help ?
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Re: asterisk key while video playback

"jameschambers" wrote:
Anybody for help ?

There's no help to be had.
 If RokuCo removes it from the firmware, that's the end of it.
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Re: asterisk key while video playback

The only two choices I've seen is to set the video screen size to smaller than fullscreen (Like 1024x719 or 1920x1079 is sufficient).  Or you can overlay another interface on top of the existing video playback screen and snag the keypress before the video player can capture it.  Needless to say if your Options button does not show closed captioning choices in some sort of menu and it's a public channel it will fail certification, so you'll need your own menu there if you change it from default.
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