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XML playlist

I'm trying to build an app which lets users choose videos from a list to create a XML playlist which would then loop. 

I want to have Roku read the playlist as a subcategory.xml file like this:

<item sdImg="" hdImg="">
A Custom Playlist
<item "a different playlist or another media item in the first playlist" ></item>
<item "a different playlist or another media item in the first playlist" ></item>

Is it possible to add more <media> entries in the <item>? If I do that, it only plays the last <media> entry.

Or would I set something in a .brs file to read each <item> sequentially?

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Roku Guru

Re: XML playlist

yes those media entries would be useful if you have multiple streams of the same item encoded at different bitrates.

You are correct you'd need multiple items and the brs code to parse and handle them.
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Streaming Star

Re: XML playlist

If you encode with mpeg-dash then all of that is in the manifest and you can still give roku a single link to the manifest file (one for x264 and a second link for x265)
One thing about progressive MP4s is we recently learned the links provided MUST be from lowest bitrate to highest bitrate.
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