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Reel Rookie

Why we have to use SceneGraph extensions

Hi all,

we have started using scenegraph extension for our new project where it is different from normal brightscript and scenegraph we have used before and it is hard to understand. We are unable to use observeField for calling some functions based on particualr actions and linking from one component to another is bit confusing. Please give me some suggestions. Thanks in advance

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Channel Surfer

Re: What we have to use SceneGraph extensions

We haven't used this extension in our project, but i believed these are generic components that you can use in your project with m.myobject = CreateObject("rosgnode", "randonSGDEXcomponent"), and then append with There are other ways to use them, i would suggest to read the docs and to look into the component code. Check for interfaces and functions that are exported in the component xml.

Roku Guru

Re: Why we have to use SceneGraph extensions

I don't think you do have to, right? Have I missed something?

I've looked at the docs and examples several times and to me it seems like it'll cause more problems than it solves - a complex component framework built in BS that sits on top of the built in components, with limited docs, more open github issues than closed, and the last code change was in 2021.

I'd be constantly wary of new change requests which might force me to fork/patch SGDEX - which would require me to learn how it all works. Lots of risk, little reward. YMMV!

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