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Roku Guru

Why isn't spam/crapflood seen as a more serious problem?

Dear Roku,

Translate this page? Roku you need to get your "S**T" together brah. Like really. This is an ongoing problem and it seriously harms your developer relations when this F-ing S keeps happening brahs. You know what I mean brah? Surely you brahs just sit around and laugh at comments like this but do something about it.. Something more than just after the fact removal of the chinese/korean/russian spammers/crapflooders.

Thanks.. Signed <Insert everybody who develops on Roku>
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Roku Guru

Re: Why isn't spam/crapflood seen as a more serious problem?

Lol, yes I must agree with this post, especially with the extensive use of "brah".
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Retired Moderator

Re: Why isn't spam/crapflood seen as a more serious problem?

Thanks for the note here. This is definitely an important issue that we're actively working on mitigating. 

I apologize for the inconvenience here—this certainly isn't the experience we want for customers or developers alike. Please feel free to PM me with any other thoughts or feedback and I'd be happy to follow up directly. 

If you see offending content in the meantime, please use the option to report the content and we'll address it as soon as possible. 

Thanks again for getting in touch. Please stay tuned for further updates to come! 

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