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Level 11

Weird: roInt.ifIntOps vs roInt.ifToStr ?

roInt implements 3 interfaces: ifInt, ifIntOps, ifToStr.
The bizarre thing is that both ifIntOps and ifToStr manifest only one and the same method: toStr()!
And it's not that the documentation is wrong here, since i can check both are there:
BrightScript Debugger> ? getInterface(1, "ifIntOps"), getInterface(1, "ifToStr")    
<Interface: ifIntOps>           <Interface: ifToStr>

BrightScript Debugger> ? 1.ifIntOps.toStr(), 2.ifToStr.toStr()
1               2

What's going on here, why the double work?
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Level 10

Re: Weird: roInt.ifIntOps vs roInt.ifToStr ?

The ifToStr interface was just added in 7.0 (and a welcome addition, indeed!).  I imagine both interfaces use the same function on roInts, in which case there wouldn't be any double work, just backwards/legacy compatibility.
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