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Two weird screensaver questions

I am using the Roku developer samples as a basis for making a few screensavers and having 2 questions.

1- Occasionally after install of the screensaver, a button like a normal app for the screensaver shows up on the Home screen. Clicking on it does nothing (does not launch the saver, just blank screen). Normally savers aren't listed on the Home screen, only under settings | theme | screensaver... anyone know why this might be happening and how to stop it?

2- A new feature is causing weirdness. There are two ways to install a screensaver - 1) you can provide someone a link to the store and they can install it on their account or 2) you can tell them to search for it by name on their device. When you do a search on device now and click on a result, it provides a new-ish screen showing the app (in this case a screensaver), the description, the icon large on the right, and screenshots in a list toward the bottom. If it is not installed there is a button to install. If it is installed already there is a button to open the app or screensaver. IF you install the screensaver this way and click Open it shows the splash screen... then nothing. To the user it seems like your screensaver doesn't work. It looks slick but doesn't work. At least not for screensavers made with the Roku dev samples. Does anyone know what assets you need to add to your screensaver to launch from this screen?


I realize this is all very vague.

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