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Level 8

View nodes currently loaded in your SG app

The open source roku_builder @ recently added a "roku --profile stats" command that shows you a count of all nodes currently in the UI thread, and a break down of what they are.

Name | Count
Total | 430
Animation | 84
Vector2DFieldInterpolator | 61
Poster | 47
ContentMetaData | 30
ModuleItemData | 24
FloatFieldInterpolator | 23
RenderableNode | 21
..........etc etc etc

The tool itself is pretty awesome for sideloading/deploying, this is just some icing on top Smiley Happy
Tyler Smith
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Level 11

Re: View nodes currently loaded in your SG app

That's just a <something>-coated sgnodes, it seems.

It tries hard to be a swiss-army knife. Like i look at each command and it is a one-step "oh, it does this", "it does that" already-easy feature. I don't know what that <something>-coat is - i had a glance and the operations it provides never needed to be sugar-coated, IMO. But YMMV.

PS. i saw the "--restart" option and got mildly curious - but a quick search showed an issue "... this option was removed. It was not reliable across different firmware version and didn't always wor... ". Say no more - now i know what you had there Smiley Happy
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