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Video loads only part way

Hi, I have my channel ready to be submitted but the only problem is I can't get long videos to play (30-50min). I uploaded a 30 second video and it worked. But the longer videos I have tried load almost all the way then stop. I am using a mp4 format for the videos. Does anyone have an idea why this is happening? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Video loads only part way

Hi Benjamin,

I was cruising the boards a little while back when I first started developing our channels and found this:

I've used Apache as a server for the Roku and it works fine. It's not "byte requests" that the server must support, but "range requests". You can use cURL to make sure your server supports range requests using a command like:

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curl -r 4-11

from this thread:

Check with your hosting service about the Range Requests.

I hope this helps. I, too, am new to the Roku world, but I have found this forum and it's participants very helpful.

Good Luck,
CazMaz Productions
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