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Video Player Playlist Of Streams

We are developing a video player that will contain multiple videos in a sequence. First there will be short video as a pre-roll commercial and the second item will be a live stream.

We tried to solve this in our server-side using HTTP redirects
1. we put serverside generated URL in the roku player and put the player in loop mode
2. in the initial/first request we HTTP redirect the player to pre-roll ad URL and
3. after the ad video finishes the player requests the same URL and we on the server side HTTP redirect to the live stream

this approach works OK with some of the players provided in the Roku SDK (customvideoplayer) but it does not work in some other players because it always plays back the first stream (the ad video)

where should we look? Does the roVideoPlayer caches the initial redirect URL?
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Video Player Playlist Of Streams

I'm not sure the loop/redirect idea is the best solution. This blog post on preroll video may be helpful: ... r-channel/
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