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Video Jutters Like Crazy - Frame rate or Server Issue?

(Sorry if posted twice - not sure where best place)


I'm just trying to find my feet with Roku Development.

I am working with source code sample and I can change this and point the url to a video on my server (not a streaming server).

This works and the video plays from my server but it's unwatchable because it's juttery in the extreme.

I'm in the UK so we're totally left out of ROKU supported frame rate - we use unsupported 25fps.

So I have converted some 25fps video to 23.976 and locally it plays fine.

Also if I go to the video url in Chrome it plays fine there too.

I've checked the fomat of the video with MediaInfo and it states 23.976fps.

BUT when I use this converted footage in the Roku source code it still jitters the same.

That makes me wonder if the server needs anything to work with Roku?

Any help to get crawling along learning Roku development appreciated!

PS: The juttering is like it's playing a frame backwards then forwards.
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Re: Video Jutters Like Crazy - Frame rate or Server Issue?

Is your server setup to stream video or are you ftp-ing it up to a basic web folder and playing it from there?
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