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Level 7

Using squid to cache HLS

We're going to deploy lots of Roku 3's to view live HLS streams. I plan on using Squid in "reverse proxy" mode to cache all the .ts files, but I'm seeing a lot of TCP_MISS and TCP_REFRESH_UNMODIFIED in my logs. Before I really dig in to this, has anyone used Squid in reverse proxy mode for this application that could share a configuration? Seems pretty straight forward, but it's not working like I'd like.
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Level 8

Re: Using squid to cache HLS

That sound like a question for developers. Try the developer forum.
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Level 10

Re: Using squid to cache HLS

Sounds like a question for your Squid configuration - ask them. The Roku is an end-client device that simply displays what is sent to it.
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