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Chaneru and User Themes

Updated the Chaneru channel to 2.0.7
Fixed detection for a couple of servers and a couple of other problems. But the big thing is themes.
Now you can change the way it looks. You can alter the background, change the icons and the text colors. Requires that the unit have a USB port.
Go to for some documentation and a utility to aid in the "skinning".
Go to to download the latest server or add the channel to your Roku.
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Re: Chaneru and User Themes

Updated Chaneru and servers to 2.0.8
In this level you can define a Theme from the USB and any Chaneru server.
The theme must be contained in a folder "Theme" in the "My Roku" folder or in the root "/" of the USB drive.
Any media server on the same computer as the Chaneru server will use that defined theme.
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