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Using roVIdeoScreen in Scenegraph

Hi Everyone,

I like to use scenegraph UI to show different layouts and backgrounds for gridscreen.

But I need to integrate Roku Ad Framework to play the advertisements before the content play.

So, Is it possible to use RAF in scenegraph or can use roVideoScreen brightscript components to play ad and content on selecting the scenegraph component.

Give me an idea to proceed or help me, So that I can choose the way and proceed the development.

Thank you in advance.

I am using Roku 4 - 4400X Model.
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Re: Using roVIdeoScreen in Scenegraph

There's no native SceneGraph/RAF integration, but it can be done by monitoring custom fields on the scene from the main BrightScript thread.. here's a rough description: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=92611
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