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Level 11

Using SG Component (SearchView) Possible to observed gridview in MainScene?

I checked the grid view in SearchView It's a child of the layout. But Is it possible to observe the grid view inside of the main scene like It's available or not? I checked both fields (rowItemFocused, rowItemSelected) It's displayed always. when the grid view is visible or not.
I print Searchview It's like below

m.searchView : <Component: roSGNodeSmiley FrustratedearchView> =
childRenderOrder: "last"
clippingRect: <Component: roAssociativeArray>
enableRenderTracking: false
inheritParentOpacity: true
inheritParentTransform: true
muteAudioGuide: false
opacity: 1
renderPass: 0
renderTracking: "disabled"
rotation: 0
scale: <Component: roArray>
scaleRotateCenter: <Component: roArray>
translation: <Component: roArray>
visible: true
change: <Component: roAssociativeArray>
focusable: false
focusedChild: <Component: roSGNode:Group>
id: ""
close: false
content: <Component: roInvalid>
errorCode: 0
errorMsg: ""
hintText: "Search here for moviename/releasedate"
noResultsLabelText: "No results"
overhang: <Component: roSGNodeSmiley Surprisedverhang>
posterShape: "16x9"
query: ""
rowItemFocused: <Component: roArray>
rowItemSelected: <Component: roArray>
rowPosterShapes: <Component: roArray>
saveState: false
showNoResultsLabel: true
showSpinner: false
style: ""
theme: <Component: roAssociativeArray>
updateTheme: invalid
viewContentGroup: <Component: roSGNode:Group>
wasClosed: false
wasShown: true
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