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Unsupported display type - Can't sideload Complete Tutorial

I'm new to Roku development and am trying to run the tutorial application here to get more comfortable.

On my device, I get an "Unsupported display type" upon sideloading it:

'This application only supports standard-definition display must switch to a standard-definition display type.'

In my Roku, I go to Settings > Display Type, and try all the display types available, but can only switch to 720p TV, 1080p TV (can't do any of the 4K ones).

Is there anything else I can do?? I'd really like to be able to run the tutorial, but I'm at a loss here.
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Community Moderator

Re: Unsupported display type - Can't sideload Complete Tutorial

On which device are you working?  What's the OS version number?  I just uploaded the ZIP file from the page directly to my 4K Roku TV and it worked without error.

The manifest in the ZIP says ui_resolutions = "hd" which means it should run in 720p mode, but scaled up to 1080p on 4K devices.
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