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Trying to get RAF2 with hero-grid-template

I'm using this template:

From RAF4RSG project I took the Player.brs, Player.xml, PlayerTask.brs, PlayerTask.xml and VideoContent.xml and put them in the Component folder of the hero-grid-template. 
In the DetailsScreen.brs I replaced "videoPlayer" with "Player". I am able to sideload and install it successfully but I'm not able to get a preroll ad before it plays a video. When I select "Play" on the roku from the Description when it is on screen it launches and plays the video with a preroll ad. 

I'm not sure where I'm missing a reference for the correct component. 

on  "onItemSelected" should call the "Player" node but I might be missing a step. Anyone experience this? 

Sub onItemSelected()
  print "DetailsScreen.brs - [onItemSelected]"
  first button is Play
     if = 0
        m.Player.visible = true
        m.Player.control = "play"
        m.Player.observeField("state", "OnPlayerStateChange")
    end if
End Sub

Thanks in advance
If were easy, everyone would do it. Problems are opportunities to learn, but there is a lot of banging your head against the wall to get there.
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