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Trouble screen shot home

I am trying to get my channel published. There's no one to speak with by phone and the emails are useless. Can anyone in the forum help me? I am trying to take a screen shot of the home screen. I press "utilities", then "screen shot" but nothing is showing up except a green bar that's saids "screenshot ok" but nothing is there. Can someone please advise how to take a screen shot. It will take a screen shot of the main Roku set up on my tv but not of my actual channel. 
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Roku Guru

Re: Trouble screen shot home

Are you talking about the Roku Home screen or your Application's home screen?
As far as I know, the screenshot utility won't take screenshots outside of a running sideloaded application.  I'm confused by you saying "It will take a screen shot of the main Roku set up on my tv" what is the "main Roku set up", how to get to that screen?

It if's your application's home screen you're talking about, could be a bug with the particular roku device (RokuTV?) you're on, I had some problems w screenshot on one Roku TV model.  If you have another roku model, try it.
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