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Level 7

Transition from roImageCanvas to roScreen


For some reasons, I need to transfer screen control from roImageCanvas to roScreen. There comes a small black screen during the screen transition that is undesirable (it gives an impression that the application went off for a fraction of second).

Can you please advise if we can put any spinner or "loading..." text for user to understand that there is something going on? In roImageCanvas, we had the liberty to use list.push to show that something was going on and user needs to "stay put".

This is what I am referring to regarding roImageCanvas screen transition.

list = []
list.push({Text:"Loading...", TextAttrs:{halign: "center", valign: "center", color:"#FFFFFF", font: m.mediumFont}, TargetRect:m.loadingTextRect})

Please advise if we have something that can bridge the gap between roImageCanvas and roScreen.
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Level 10

Re: Transition from roImageCanvas to roScreen

I think you might need to just use roScreen only
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