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Transaction API "purchaseDate" value always same as "originalPurchaseDate"?

I'm working with the transaction API, but the the "purchaseDate" and "originalPurchaseDate" values are not what I expected.

The documentation at isn't very explicit, but the sample response suggests that the "purchaseDate" will be the start of the current billing period (i.e. a billing cycle before the expirationDate):


But in all the real-world responses I've seen, the purchaseDate is the same as the originalPurchaseDate, even when multiple billing cycles have completed.  Here's an excerpt from the actual response I get:


This looks like an error in the API - can anyone confirm this is broken?  Any plans to fix?
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Binge Watcher

Re: Transaction API "purchaseDate" value always same as "originalPurchaseDate"?

I'm seeing the same issue, and makes it difficult to determine when the last charge occurred.  Is there any way to determine this?
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