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Third-party Roku Channel Developers for hire, v2

There is a locked post here that had a list of Third party developers available:

I have contacted 2 of the companies and am awaiting replies.

However, I am posting this to see if there are individuals who are interested in helping me to develop my existing app. This would be a cash contract job.
I have an existing channel that is live from Nov 1-mid January, link here:!details/ ... mas-winter

I have been able to design/develop this channel adequately to this point but I am realizing I need a more skilled developer to help take this to a v2.
The changes I would like to make are simple and should allow me the flexibility to update image files and audio streams via xml.

A simple mock-up of the major page change is here:

Please contact me if this interests you here or at jayhilwig {at.....} g ma il c o m

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