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Roku Guru

The longest for "Channel Published" to take effect?

I want to ask people with experience - what's the longest wait you have seen between a public channel being errr, published - and that actually happening?

In other words, how long between receiving "Channel Published!" email and the version showing up in Channel Store?

In my case, as of time of writing so far it has been 17 hours and... bupkis^ ! I know that CMS or DB replication may take a while and previously i have seen delays within maybe 2 hours? But over half a day seems something's not quite right.

So anyway, in practice - what delays have you experienced between being emailed it's "public-ed" and that actually happening?

(^) to use the highly technical term i picked up from the "Mythbusters" highly scientific show.
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Roku Guru

Re: The longest for "Channel Published" to take effect?

In my case it's an update. I checked in the dev.portal and

  • says "06/03/2016 12:12 AM: Unpublished version state changed to Published." (times are GMT)

  • it's the new version that shows as published (1.2)

  • the correct bundle shows as published (by downloading it locally and diff to what i have uploaded => same)

App info screen from Channel Store on a player shows "Jun 2, 2016" date but forcing update does nothing. Restarting and forcing update does nothing. Uninstalling and re-installing brings the old version (?!). "*" info on the icon shows "Version 1.1 build 0", ECP /query/apps shows version="1.1.0" and the app reports 1.1 inside too.

This is odd. I thought the publishing is automagic once passing muster but the Store seems stuck inconsistent.
Is there a "limbo" state for a channel?
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