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Telnet Remote Control?

I need to remotely control Roku, off-the-shelf box via IP. Ideally, telnet 8085 command that commands which channel to play, but even up/down/left/right IR Remote navigation emulation would work, sort of.

Is there a way to do to this without adding an app. Putting the box in Dev mode is oka if necessary.


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Re: Telnet Remote Control?

You can telnet to port 8080 and enter commands:
press s - select/ok
press p - pause/play
press u - up
press d - down
press r - right
press l - left
press f - FF
press b - Rew
press h - Home
press k - back
press i - info
press p - replay

On the Roku 2 units commands can be stacked, e.g., press ul.

To do everything you want including launching a channel (via HTTP POSTs), see the External Control Guide in the developer's documentation.

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