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Roku Guru

System Texture Memory Requirements

I am currently working on a game where I check the amount of texture memory available on the device and use the appropriate asset resolution based on what's available. However, I notice there is a separate roGraphics instance that appears to be used for Roku system assets.


I am unable to control what textures are loaded in that section of memory and often it holds on to textures that are unnecessary (note the multiple splash images held in memory). That said, it appears there's an internal limit to how much texture memory is used by the system and when it is exceeded unused textures will be unloaded. The only documentation on this topic is here and the information I require is not provided.

I need to know what that internal limit is and if it is consistent across devices.

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Roku Guru

Re: System Texture Memory Requirements

This is very interesting Romans_I_XVI, I hope you get an answer or figure it out more with perhaps trial and error with many Roku models. I have about a dozen models for things like this.

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