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Syntax error

how to fix Syntax error 'As' in Brightscript
Sub Setup() As Object

Sub RunUserInterface()
o = Setup()
End Sub
Sub Setup() As Object
this = {
port: CreateObject("roMessagePort")
progress: 0 'buffering progress
position: 0 'playback position (in seconds)
paused: false 'is the video currently paused?
fonts: CreateObject("roFontRegistry") 'global font registry
canvas: CreateObject("roImageCanvas") 'user interface
player: CreateObject("roVideoPlayer")
setup: SetupFullscreenCanvas
paint: PaintFullscreenCanvas
eventloop: EventLoop
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Syntax error

When you encounter an error, please post the telnet console output so we can get a better idea of where the error is actually occurring,

- Joel
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