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Level 7

Syntax Error Unexpected Token "[" and "if"

I am getting some Syntax error: unexpected token "[" and "if" and wondering if these are actual errors because they seem to work but wondering if this is correct. 

Sub loadMyAccountDetail(jsonData As Object)



if"1" = "Name: " = "Email Address: " = "Phone No: "[0].telephone

    m.address.text = "Address: "[0].street

    m.address2.text = "Address 2: "[0].street = "City: "[0].city

    m.state.text = "State: "[0].region

    m.zipcode.text = "Zip Code: "[0].postcode

end if

End Sub

I am also not finding a way to get Address 2 the second line from the Database[0].street field  using ./ or /n breaks the build. any thoughts.. 

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Level 18

Re: Syntax Error Unexpected Token "[" and "if"

needs to be moved to Developers board.

This is General Community

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 11

Re: Syntax Error Unexpected Token "[" and "if"

new line is 



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