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Stuck on retrieving - where did I go wrong?

Hi all,
I can't find any help doing a search - I have my channel up on the TV, and when I go to select a category, it gets stuck on retrieving screen - can someone help me figure out where did I go wrong? Can I only load MP4s or are there other formats I can upload?
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Re: Stuck on retrieving - where did I go wrong?

First you need to post something from your debug logs,telnet port 8085 to your box and print the error or the console.use putty for windows or console for mac and linux.
Next you need to read the sdk documentation on what are the supported formats also use the search field on this forum to find similar problem to what you have.
Third and Final ,my motto is research on weekends and post questions on weekdays.You will get a faster answer on weekdays as most people have a life so do not expect much of an answer by posting a question on weekends.
Of course,me and my partner have a quarell thats why i am here on a weekend "I have no life"

Video Formats are here paragraph 3.1
debugging instructions are here paragraph 8.1

Since I am old school,Might I suggest you print a copy of this documentation so you can highlight notes,it have good tips for development.
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Re: Stuck on retrieving - where did I go wrong?

Thanks, buddy, for the links and response!
I was able to figure it out, I had a mistake in my categories.xml file - I had the videos pointing to an old server instead of the current one! Just a simple copy and paste mistake!
So glad that I can post .movs, when I'm in Final Cut Pro, they render way quicker than .mp4s, so that's good news!
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