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Level 7

Space between items, VideoPlayer example

Hi, I downloaded this example channel ..., and I liked the design, my question is how I reduce the space that exists between the items as shown in the image, 

I think it may be in this part of the code but I'm not sure

  sub itemContentChanged()
        m.Poster.loadDisplayMode = "scaleToZoom"
        m.Label.text =
        m.SubLabel.text =
        m.Poster.uri =
        m.Label.translation = [10, m.poster.height + 20]
        m.SubLabel.translation = [10, m.poster.height + 65]
      end sub

If someone wants to help me I would appreciate them, regards
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Level 11

Re: Space between items, VideoPlayer example

Check rowItemSpacing in CategoryScreen.xml, the first value is the horizontal value, currently 100 in the github download.  Try decreasing it to 50 or whatever makes sense for you.
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