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Single Channel Twitch

I am looking for information to create a Roku channel that when opened, it plays only from 1 Twitch channel and not have to choose or search for that channel. I'm looking to start a TV Channel that will play all the time 80's Cartoons, but when I load up twitch, I have to search and select the channel.

If I could have a Channel I can call 80's Cartoons, and have it play whatever is on my twitch channel like a Television Broadcast, I would love it.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Single Channel Twitch

While technically possible, I would note that Twitch asked us to remove The Unofficial Twitch channel, even though it was not violating their TOS, I doubt they would be happy about what you are looking to do, and neither would the owners of the rights to the 80s cartoons, unless you pay them a pretty penny to license the cartoons.

- Joel
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