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Signing a .pkg With A Particular DevId

I am currently rebuilding an existing Roku channel. In the app we need to make a secure http request, so we attach a cert and add the devId in the header via Addheader("x-roku-reserved-dev-id", <myDevId>). From the docs I know that whatever I set my devId to will be over-written with what is used to sign the .pkg ( Our server then checks the header to ensure it matches the devId of the original app. Therefore requests from my new app are getting rejected as I generated a new devId when I started development. Is there a way to use the devId from the previous developer to sign the .pkg? Is the devId and password tied to my development Roku and/or dev computer? If I am able to get the original devId and password used to sign the .pkg, will I be able to use them when creating my new .pkg?

Thank you for the help!!
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Signing a .pkg With A Particular DevId

You need to rekey your box with the original key before packaging the update. ... 34Rekeying
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