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Roku Guru

Should I migrate to Direct Publisher?

Hey All:

I have channel with some 30 videos on it.  All housed on S3, complete with sd and hd BIF thumbnails, external SRT caption files, and Apple HLS feeds (m3u8, etc).

Maintaining the channel via manually updating XMLs, creating the custom SD and HD thumbnails, descriptions, as well as periodically recompiling the base package for GUI changes is time consuming.

I'm thinking of moving towards a Direct Publisher methodology, and hopefully tying into a Wordpress infrastructure to streamline my distribution points (as I also push to iTunes, etc.).

Will Roku be able to "replace" the old channel with the new channel so I won't lose the subscribers/installs I already have?

Any pros/cons of staying vs. migrating?  Would the features I currently use, namely the BIF files, SRT captions, and Apple HLS files....these seem to be possible thru Direct publisher, correct?

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