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Setting position in linear stream


I'm currently streaming a linear channel and I'd like to be able to set the seek bar to display the duration of the current show and it's position within that using EPG data - rather than the default 'live' behaviour. Once that show is over, the seek bar will update according to the duration of the next show.

I've tried setting the Length of the stream to the duration of the current show (and removing the 'Live' parameter) and using the 'StreamStartTimeOffset' parameter to try and set the current position but this doesn't seem to work.

How would I do this please? Do I need to define my own seek bar rather than use 'roVideoScreen'?

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Re: Setting position in linear stream

if you are using rovideoscreen you dont need to specify how long the movie or show is, videoscreen will know and will place the bar acordinly.

You should drop the live in the metadata of the video because thats only useful for hls video for example from a streaming server on a live show...
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