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SetThemeAttribute bug

Hello everybody,

I have modified the customvideoplayer from the SDK. When i start the application, i have a window that opens, with three buttons. When i click on a button, the window disappears and the video starts. When i press the * button on the remote, the window is created again and i can change the video i want to watch.

These are the first lines of the main :
Sub RunUserInterface()
o = Setup()
End Sub

and this is my function :

sub CreateTheme()
app = CreateObject("roAppManager")
app.SetThemeAttribute("DialogBodyText", "#660000")
app.SetThemeAttribute("DialogTitleText", "#800080")
app.SetThemeAttribute("ButtonNormalColor", "#0000FF")
app.SetThemeAttribute("ButtonHighlightColor", "#FFFF00")
end sub

The changes should apply the first time the window opens, as i make the changes before it is created. However this is not the case, the text and title remain grey, so hardly visible. When i start a video and make the window appear again by pressing *, then only are the attributes i have set taken into account.
Can anyone help me please? It may be not very important as the application works, but i want to understand what is happening and how the code is analyzed by the box.

Thank you.
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Re: SetThemeAttribute bug

Nobody knows what's happening? 😞
Is it possible to refresh the dialog message window as soon as the application is launched to get the changes applied?
Thank you
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