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Seamless switching for Midroll ad


I am using RAF with SceneGraph to implement the midroll, I m using customized scheduling and fetching ads by getAds( ) and showAds( ), 

I notice every time a midroll is rendering, it will behavior like pre-roll which has a buffering screen and another buffering window for the video content after ad finished. 

That's a very long waiting time for user. I m looking for a way can prebuffer the video content while the mid-roll is playing, is there a way to do so ?

Due to the limitation of my backend service , 

I can't fetch all ad info at pre-roll, so every adpod only contains 1 ad at a time and I am not able to use the approach mentioned in the doc which is customized an adpod at very beginning with a scheduled break.

every time a scheduled break reached, I will "Stop" my video node , and change to "Play" after ad finished.

I can't use "Pause" and "Resume" since I ll get a error saying failed to init media player if I do so.
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