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Screensaver image persistence/ghosting

I set up a simple screensaver where I have a png that moves across the screen with a linear Animation. On a Roku Express, when the image goes off the screen to the right, there is a column of pixels that don't revert back to black when the image moves off, so we end up with a column of white pixels on the right where the rest of the screen is black. 
On a Roku 3 device on a different monitor, part of the image left a ghost image behind as it moved across the screen and we ended up with lines going across the screen.
On other monitors and with other Roku devices, there are no issues. Any ideas what could be causing this and why it only happens on certain devices/monitors?

I'd attach images, but I don't see the mechanism for uploading them or pasting them into this message.

-Carl Wecker
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Roku Guru

Re: Screensaver image persistence/ghosting

Put on (no need for account), it will give you a tag to insert here. Format is

There is a button on the toolbar for that even.
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Re: Screensaver image persistence/ghosting

You may just need to add a screen clearing command in the loop.
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