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SceneGraph Video - does it really play 4K resolution?

Hi All,

I have been experimenting with 4K content on Roku 4 within SceneGraph and noticed that I can't seem to see the difference on a 4k TV between HD and 4K versions of the same content.

I have a suspicion that roku down-scales video resolution to HD, even though content is played in 4K full screen. My concern comes from the following facts:

- According to docs, roku 4 SceneGraph GUI is rendered in 1920x1080 resolution
- According to docs, when setting Video node width/height to 0 - "If set to 0.0 (the default), the video play window is set to the width/height of the entire display screen."
- Within SceneGraph a display screen is 1920x1080, so would this mean 4k video will be played within the HD container? thus being down-scaled?

As I mentioned previously, I can't see the difference between HD and 4K content on Roku 4. Of course, there are multiple factors like video quality,tv quality, eyes quality 🙂 and so on. But the question still stands - how can we verify this?

Roku dev team - I would appreciate timely response! Thank you
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Level 7

Re: SceneGraph Video - does it really play 4K resolution?

Looks to me that (at least now), the player is jumping into a "4k" mode and actually playing the full resolution.
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