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SceneGraph Multiple Subtitles

I'm trying to test multiple language subtitles. The English subtitles are displayed perfect, but for other languages like Thai, the app cannot display correct characters but only [] [] []. I guess the issue is due to app default font cannot support special characters. Is there any way to use a custom font?

The subtitle is dfxp format, and here are some of the returned special characters:
<p begin="00:03:07:08" end="00:03:10:13" region="pop1" style="basic" tts:origin="32.5% 79.33%" tts:extent="32.5% 5.33%">ผมเป็นใครเหรอ</p>
            <p begin="00:03:07:08" end="00:03:10:13" region="pop2" style="basic" tts:origin="25% 84.67%" tts:extent="50% 5.33%">แน่ใจนะว่าคุณอยากรู้</p>
            <p begin="00:03:10:19" end="00:03:14:01" region="pop1" style="basic" tts:origin="10% 84.67%" tts:extent="80% 5.33%">เรื่องของผมไม่เหมาะกับคนขวัญอ่อน</p>
            <p begin="00:03:14:01" end="00:03:16:20" region="pop1" style="basic" tts:origin="10% 79.33%" tts:extent="80% 5.33%">ถ้ามีคนบอกว่ามันคือชีวิตแสนสุข..</p>
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