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Sample Zip files Install with error

I'm using a 3500x-Roku Stick with version 6.2 build 3364
When I upload any of the zipped files in the example folder of the SDK, the file uploads and functions but I get error messages.
For instance produced
"Application Received: 124871 bytes stored.

Install Failure: Unzip failed. Invalid or corrupt zip archive. Unloading.Install Failure: No manifest. Invalid package.Install Success.Install Success.Uninstall Success.Install Success.Uninstall Suc"

...even though the analog clock app functions on my Roku device. I would like to resolve this issue so I can have a baseline of a functioning app before I develop my own channels.

It occurs to me that these messages may be cumulative from prior installation attempts. If so, is there a way to purge old messages?

Update on issue:
I activated telnet on my workstation and monitored the installation of
There were no errors. The command line went straight to ------ Running ------
still the same error message appears on the html browser interface. I am using Chrome Version 42.0.2311.152 m
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Level 7

Re: Sample Zip files Install with error

Issue resolved:
1. Disabeled Developer Mode
2. Enabled Developer Mode

No more issues.
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Level 10

Re: Sample Zip files Install with error

That's just a history I think, it has no bearing on anything other than being informative for you, nothing to worry about at least.
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