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Rotating videos on Scene Graph Applications via the SDK

As a channel developer, can I ask the Video Scene Graph node to rotate the video it's currently playing? For example, to turn a portrait video to landscape mode, and vice versa?

The Poster node does allow for rotation and scaling, but the node doesn't seem to have equivalent functionalities that can be used via the SDK. I did try replicating the rotation code that is working for me with images on Posters (using the rotation field), but the Video node simply disappears from the screen, and no error is signaled (I am debugging via Telnet on port 8085.)

My guess is that rotating multiple frames per second on a streaming video could be taxing for Roku devices. Unfortunately, in my case, video transcoding or other transformations are not possible.
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Roku Guru

Re: Rotating videos on Scene Graph Applications via the SDK

Just a thought.
Have you tried creating a group and placing the video node in the group and applying the rotation to the group since groups allow rotation?
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