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Roku roScreen slideshow list

I am trying to develop a slideshow app using the roScreen component that has a very large number of items (it can have around 11000 items which are roBitmaps each beeing put in a roSprite). In order to don't make a very large slides container I want the items to be dynamically loaded (i.e. the first 36 items are loaded at the beginning, and as the user scrolls the list, the next 18 items will be loaded and the first 18 items from the beginning of the list will be deleted. So, only 36 items will be present in the roCompositor at a given time). One more important thing to mention is that the images from the slideshow are taken from a remote server and temporarly saved into the local memory. Considering these, I have the following questions:

1) Can such a slideshow be implemented using the roScreen component or are there any limitations (i.e the viewport can only have 11000px lenght or any other limitations)? In my case after I delete the previous slides, still some of them remain visible on the screen and I can't draw any more.
2) Will downloading the images from the remote server to the temporary memory, in order to create the roBitmaps, fill the temporary memory? If yes, is it possible to clean it in some way?

Here is the portion of code that loads the slides:

loadSegment: function(loadFromBehind = false as Boolean, firstSegment = false as Boolean) as Void

v = getGlobalAA()

positionToDraw = 0
drawOffset = 0
itemsOffset = 0

' In case this is not the first segment of 36 items in the slideshow
if not firstSegment
itemsFetched = v.globals.listPageLength / 2 ' Here v.globals.listPageLength is 18

' Fetch the next 18 items
movies = WS_getMovieList("gm", m.offset, itemsFetched).its

' Remove the previous 18 items
for i = 0 to itemsFetched - 1
m.sprites[i].moveTo(-300, 180)
end for

drawOffset = 4
itemsOffset = itemsFetched
' Get the first initial 36 items
movies = WS_getMovieList("gm", m.offset, v.globals.listPageLength).its
end if


for i = itemsOffset to m.items.count() - 1
xhr = createObject("roUrlTransfer")
port = createObject("roMessagePort")

' Download the slide image into the temporary memory
status = xhr.asyncGetToFile("tmp:/image.jpg")

msg = wait(300, port)

' Create a sprite using the downloaded image
if type(msg) = "roUrlEvent"
bitmap = createObject("roBitmap", "tmp:/image.jpg")
if type(bitmap) = "roBitmap"
m.bitmapWidth = bitmap.getWidth()
m.bitmapHeight = bitmap.getHeight()
region = createObject("roRegion", bitmap, 0, 0, m.bitmapWidth, m.bitmapHeight)
m.sprites.push(v.compositor.newSprite(70 + (m.bitmapWidth + 10) * (i - itemsOffset + drawOffset + positionToDraw), 180, region))
end if
end if
end for

' Draw everything on screen

end function
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