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Roku developer needed

We have a hardware device that serves the same functions as the venerable Slingbox 500.

The hardware is working perfectly and we have existing apps to show streams on Android Phone/Tablet, Android SmartTV, Apple IOS, and Windows.  Unfortunately source code is NOT available.

We need to provide a Roku version that can control our device and display streams generated by our app that are accessible over internet.

It is expected this is a very easy project since all the streaming algorithms are established and visible in the other apps.  Seems like the main task is to create a pleasing user interface.

We will supply the current Android app and IOS app to serve as a template for our Roku requirements.

Also, there will be access available to a working device connected to a USA based cable box.

Please communicate via following contacts


skype    bigtalker3356

phone/SMS (USA)   +1 703 677 8538


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