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Looking for small project developer


My company,SideLeague, is looking for a developer/company to create a very basic Roku channel to accompany our iOS/Android apps. The channel would essentially be little more than a screensaver app with dynamic data being displayed as a leader board. If anyone is interested or can provide possible resources I would greatly appreciate it. I've already been on and contacted several contacts on the "List of Third-party Roku Channel Developers for hire" with only one legitimate response. Mock-ups and sample JSON can be provided upon request. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: Looking for small project developer

Hi Tony,

I'm a freelance Roku developer from NYC... If you still need to get this project done let me take look at it and may be I can help you with it...

You can also email me at: or text me at: 718.290.3275


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Re: Looking for small project developer

give me a holler


703 677 8538



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