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Level 7

Roku/brightscript time complexity guarantees

Hey all,

I'm rather new to Roku/brightscript development. I was wondering if there were any time complexity guarantees for things like associative array lookup (lg(N) I'm guessing?) and if there were any resources out there on implementation/complexity of methods in roku/brightscript.

Ben Straub
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Level 8

Re: Roku/brightscript time complexity guarantees

I suggest you pay a decent consultant an 1-3 hours to teach you the basics.

there's a lot of nuances. This is what I did when I started, and it saved me weeks of effort. There's too many nuances/unexpected behaviours, so if you're doing this professionaly; get some proper advice. The O notation of aa's is about the least of your worries - there's at least 10 other things I can think of which could necessitate a complete redesign of your architecture if you don't know about them: so get some help!
George Cook
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